About #europehome

#europehome is a project that aims to create a structured and mutually beneficial ecosystem for University - Business cooperation (win-win approach) and study models that require students to act across the traditional boundaries and therefore foster further development of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes.

The #europehome project proposes a unique cooperation scheme to ensure favourable circumstances for students to earn competences which are highly valued in the labour market and thus should facilitate the employability of prospective university graduates as well as increase the relevance of education.

The project is based on the LEP scheme (Learning Employability Placements) which was initiated and implemented by European University Foundation – Campus Europae (2009-2014), and which enabled students to gain professional experience in addition to their academic studies abroad.

#europehome project is supported by ERASMUS+, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships (2014-2017).

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