Wednesday, June 7th

Registration (9.00-9.30)

Welcome & Opening (by University of Alcala and Erasmus Student Network)

Skills. Mobility. Employability - project #europehome (Ms. Liga Kuzmane: University of Alcala, Spain)

International part-time placements: how to equip students with the right set of skills? (Prof. Ignacio Bravo: University of Alcala, Spain)

How to facilitate the entrepreneurial potential of HEIs and pave the way towards targeted university-business cooperation? 

The main conclusions and recommendations of the project #europehome (Prof. Marcin Janicki, Lodz University of Technology, Poland)


Coffee break and the role of Erasmus+ in professional development (Mr. Gorka Guerrero: Erasmus Student Network, Belgium)

Skill swarming for learning-by-doing applications (Mr. Martins Jansons: Collective Intelligence Research Centre, Latvia)

Junior Enterprises - a bridge between the university and the business world (Ms. Mona Herter: JADE - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, Belgium)

#europehome: a practical case of university-business collaboration model (Prof. Antonio Guerrero: University of Alcala, Spain)

Panel Discussion: Student perspective on youth unemployment and skills gap

The relevance of higher education and the skills/competences needed for the current labour market continues to be an issue. The challenges are manifold therefore participants of this panel discussion will look at different examples of how to bridge the gap between higher education and the world of work, and focus on approaches that help students acquire the skills and competences needed to find their way in the labour market.

Participants: University of Alcala, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, JADE, Erasmus Student Network, Collective Intelligence Research Centre

Lunch and networking activities

#europehome and the renewed EU agenda for higher education (Mr. Joao Bacelar: European University Foundation, Luxembourg)

How to enhance entrepreneurial teaching and acquisition of 21st century skills? (Prof. Elisabeth Pereira: University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Promoting entrepreneurship in Higher Education (Mr. Peter Baur: European Commission, Belgium)

Panel Discussion: The role of Higher Education and businesses in a global era

The mission of higher education institutions (HEIs) is changing and expanding, this evolution is mirrored in the job market where new jobs and skill sets keep emerging. It is therefore essential to explore new approaches to widening the role of HEIs, and exploring highly relevant cooperation methods with businesses. The panel discussion will look into concrete recommendations on how to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation and achieve expected results.

Participants: Lodz University of Technology, University of Aveiro, European Commission DG EAC, European University Foundation

Closing of the conference

Atomium, Brussels