Learning Materials

The Learning Material for entrepreneurial education aims at increasing understanding about entrepreneurial skills and attitudes and raising awareness about the broader meaning of the term ‘entrepreneurship’.

The material was based on the needs analysis carried out by five project partner universities. It suggests a holistic approach on how to develop essential entrepreneurial competences for life, work and personal development in frames of ongoing courses (blended-approach).

The learning material is foreseen to become a complementary tool for the academic staff and could be used both during the lectures as part of the curricula or as self-study guidelines for highly motivated students.

Entrepreneurial skills in a post-modern society

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Prepared by: Grigoris Zarotiadis, Dr., Ass. Prof.

Aim: To determine and develop

  1. Entrepreneurial skills for activities in the fields of Social – Cooperative Production and / or in that of Creative Industries and
  2. Entrepreneurial skills with respect to the special features of acting in a highly globalized environment.

Skills covered: entrepreneurial, innovation, creativity and technical skills.

Introduction to Unstructured Data in Innovation Process Management

Lodz University of Technology

Prepared by: Piotr Józwiak, Iwona Staniec

Fostering Business Communication in English – a Marketing Plan

University of Aveiro

Prepared by: Claudia Amaral Santos

Aim: This learning material aims to explore how to communicate effectively in English within a business environment applying entrepreneurial and creativity skills through the conception and presentation of a Marketing Plan, as well as to foster students’ ability to identify and use content in core areas – management, economics, marketing.

Skills covered: communication, creativity, team/relational/leadership skills.

Improve Competitiveness in the Current Labour Market

Through personal career management and strengthening of CV

University of Aveiro

Author: Elisabeth T. Pereira & Catia C. Rebelo

Aim: This learning material gives the students an overview of the different skills and competences that allow increasing the competitiveness of a graduate in the current labour market; as well as to analyse and identify the most relevant skills to increase their employability through the evaluation of their personal Curriculum Vitae.

Skills covered: communication, personal and interpersonal, information, thinking, entrepreuneurial, innovation  and creativity skills. 

Leading in an Intercultural World

University of Aveiro

Prepared by: Madalena Vilas-Boas

Aim: This material introduces students both to the existence of cultural differences and the importance of understanding and accepting them, as well as to the importance of having  appropriate behaviours in each cultural context.

Skills covered: communication, interpersonal, cultural and thinking.

The Global Strategic Intelligence Management

University of Alcalá 

Prepared by: Dr. Manuel A. Fernández-Villacañas Marín

Aims: This LM explores the decision-making processes in organizations and public and private institutions through global strategic intelligence production. Some additional aims are: i) Train the students to advice in the decision-making processes in organizations and public and private institutions through global strategic intelligence production. ii) Knowing the theoretical background of the conceptual strategic intelligence as well as the fundamentals of research problems and their applications. iii)Train the students in the use of research methods and data analysis techniques for the production of strategic intelligence, considering the interaction of multidimensional, multidisciplinary and multi-organic processes that occur in different domains and levels of analysis.

Skills covered: learning and thinking skills.