Policy recommendations

Policy-makers, both at national and European levels, are encouraged to adopt the Policy Recommendations and therefore enable dissemination of the project results to relevant stakeholders and policy-makers.

The Policy Recommendations are based on the results of #europehome project and are as follows:


  • To consider national strategies for development, innovation, internationalization of HEI-business initiatives
  • To ensure that HEI curricula meets the current and forecasted needs of the EU, national and local labour market
  • To offer scholarships/special awards  to students, graduates, HEIs and companies for outstanding achievements in common entrepreneurial initiatives


  • To establish an international/cross-border network of companies interested to host local and international students for part-time placements and set a cooperation system in close collaboration with university services such as IROs and internship offices
  • To increase the offer of entrepreneurial courses (either optional or compulsory) across all study fields
  • To create a variety of concrete support mechanisms for students that allow gaining additional value from the international (exchange) studies
  • To offer academic flexibility to students interested in gaining both academic and professional experience while studying abroad


  • To create a concrete win-win mechanism for companies to host local and international students and cooperate with universities across the EU 
  • To create structured and regular dialogue between business representatives and  universities about the essential elements, competences and knowledge that should be included in the HE study programmes
  • To involve business representatives in student projects (in the role of a leaders, advisers, team members, sponsors etc.