For enterprises

Rapid changes in society and new and emerging needs in the labour market require active reaction and concrete steps both from the business representatives and employers as well as educators and universities.

The existing and emerging skills and knowledge gaps need to be reflected upon and addressed and only close, targeted and meaningful cooperation between univeristies and labour market actors can set the basis for considerable improvements in the future.

The project #europehome seeks to propose a model of a win-win cooperation which involves universities, companies and students via

  • Part-time placement scheme
  • Regular entrepreneurial activities at universities
  • Constructive feedback about the relevance of current courses and programmes

#europehome project provides companies an opportunity to participate in the project to a degree that corresponds best to their goals and expectations.

Cooperation with universities

Building closer cooperation with universities will allow your company

  • To use and to benefit from the latest developments and conclusions from the academic research in the specific field both via involvement of the students and the cooperation with academics.
  • To benefit from knowledge co-creation and sustainable partnerships with the regional and international universities.
  • To provide feedback to the current curricula paving the way to increased relevance of education and ensuring that the voice of potential employers is analysed and implemented to an extent it is possible.

Hosting students for long term placements

#europehome enables long-term (up to 10 months), part-time placements (approximately 8 hours a week) in tandems where local and international students work together to solve the challenges and tasks assigned.

By hosting students, your company will gain:

  • an international perspective on addressing topical issues and current challenges in the market via student tandems, where at least one student will local and one from abroad;
  • fresh and innovative solutions proposed by skilled and highly motivated young people and therefore both a contribution to the workflow of the company and proposals for solutions to specific problem–based challenges;
  • enhanced cooperation with the academic world and availability of the latest academic knowledge via student contribution which should result in transfer and better use of academic knowledge;
  • suitably skilled potential employees and wider contact networks.

Increasing visibility towards future graduates

The participation in the #europehome activities allows to increase the visibility of your company towards future graduates by means of

  • Successfully led part-time placements and therefore positive feedback about the enterprise both locally and internationally.
  • Strong cooperation with universities and possibility to participate in targeted activities at a local level reaching students from the respective fields.
  • Visibility of the company and promotion in the project website, during local activities and interest from the foreign students.

Cooperation model: Local Hub activities

Local Hubs were established at each project university and provide a venue for frequent entrepreneurial activities and facilitating strong and meaningful collaboration between employers and academic staff.

The activities are coordinated by universities and each company is welcome to

  • share experience,
  • participate in activities and host lectures,
  • provide feedback about the courses and study materials etc.

If your company is interested to cooperate with univeristies, please contact the respective university about the potential collaboration possibilities.